The Hart Kits gift program makes it easy for parents, guardians, relatives and friends to send a little love to their student away in college. Our Hart Kits are a great way to deliver an encouraging word, a good luck on finals or simply say, "I miss you."


Hart Kits

  • Movie Night Kit $20.99


    Movie Night Kit

    Everything you need for 2 friends to enjoy a good old fashioned movie night!
  • Study Monster Kit $20.99


    Study Monster Kit

    Late night study sessions made possible when giving the Study Monster Kit!
  • Healthy Kick Kit $20.99


    Healthy Kick Kit

    "You are what you eat!" Nutrition is paramount when send this protein packed Hart Kit.
  • Sweet Tooth Kit $20.99


    Sweet Tooth Kit

    Sweet treats for your student and enough to share!
  • Salt Lover's Kit $20.99


    Salt Lover's Kit

    Crunch of the Chips and Health of the nuts all in one!
  • S'mores Galores $20.99


    S'mores Galores

    Send your student a piece of their childhood with a S'mores Kit!